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18 Hole Winter League

General Details

Teams will consist of 2 players and each team will be assigned a random division (total of 4). Each team will play a 12-round league schedule against one opposing team across all divisions each week.  League matches consist of 18 holes at one of our simulated courses. After 12 weeks of regular play the top 3 teams from each division advance into a playoff format. The 4th and 5th place teams in each division will play a match play format match to determine who advances to the playoffs.
League play starts on Tuesday mornings at 11am and ends at 11pm on the following Monday. You can choose what day and time works best for you to play on a weekly basis, but teams must complete their round by 11pm on Mondays, before the next match. Teams can play ahead up to 2 weeks. 
Tee times are required for all league play including league nights. Call (708) 719-3964 to reserve your time each week, and state you are booking for league play. Most teams can complete their round in 2 hours, if you think you will need more time, please indicate this when reserving. If you would like to schedule a standing tee time each week, please let us know your preferred day and time and we will do our best to accommodate you, but it is not guaranteed. Generally, weekend tee times are more difficult to schedule so we recommend getting in your league play during the week if possible.

General Information

  • League start date Tuesday,  November 7, 2023
  • November 6th- League Kick Off Event 
  • 2 person teams – Each player has an “A” and “B” player determined by handicap
  • League Entry Fee: $400 Per team- ($200 per person)
  • Simulator Fee: $35 per hour each round
  • 15 week league- 12 weeks of regular play, 3 weeks of playoffs
  • Bye Weeks: Week of November 20th, Week of December 25th & Week of January 1st
  • 10% League Discount on food & drinks from open to close on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Playoffs starting the week of February 12,  2024
  • Playoffs – top 3 teams from each division as well as the wildcard round winner advance         
  • Each division will then have playoff matches
                           1 seed vs. 4 seed 
                           2 seed vs. 3 seed
  • The two winning teams  of the first week of playoffs will then play the following week together to determine the winner of the division. 
  • Top 4 remaining teams after playoffs will receive cash pool prizes
  • Play when it is convenient for you and play up to 2 weeks in advance. Players can play as far as 2 rounds ahead. Example: Player A needs to go out of town and will not have access to the Simulator for 2 weeks. Player A could play the 2 rounds before they leave to stay current. If Player A misses a week while out of town, Player A CAN NOT make a round up for a week that has already closed.
  • League Banquet at end of season


To Register:

Step 1: Please complete this form for your team.

Step 2: Pay your league entry fee. Entry fees are per person. Register in person or online here:

The first 18 teams that register & pay their league fees for the Winter League will have the opportunity to go up against each other in an 18 hole complementary scramble on Saturday, October 21st starting at 10am. The winning team will receive their entry fee back.
For more details and in depth rules, go here: 19th Hole 2023-24 Indoor Winter Golf League Details/Rules
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